Some popular names got people excited, but descriptions of the ideal president were most telling.

As we ramp up to the November 2024 U.S. presidential election, many Americans are feeling less-than-enthused about it. In our de facto two-party system, we will realistically have a Republican and Democrat candidate to choose from, and this year both of the top candidates are struggling to inspire a great deal of confidence or support.

While Joe Biden and Donald Trump will most likely be duking it out come November, people are imagining who they'd really like to see on the ballot. A Reddit thread asked, "Who do you WISH would run for President of America?" and the answers span from ideal descriptions to hilarious hypotheticals to actual people who have the knowledge, skills, experience and character to be a good presidential candidate.

"If only more straight men were like this."

LGBTQ influencer Chris Stanley was doing on-the-street reporting on June 2nd at the WeHo Pride Parade in West Hollywood, California, when he ran into a straight guy with the best reaction to the event.

WeHo is one of the largest annual Pride celebrations in the world, drawing hundreds of thousands of people every June.

Australian TV star Timm Hanly was chomping down an ice cream cone when he ran into Stanley, who asked why he was there. He calmly told Stanley that he is “straight, not gay” and just there “for the vibes.” Hanly added that his family was visiting from Australia and it was their second day in the city.

"I just threw up in the bedroom if you want to go and sort that out…"

Despite the fact that they only speak in purrs, meows, and other cat sounds, cats do communicate with humans. They have their "I'm so cute, don't you want to feed me?" face. There's their "I will not be ignored" shenanigans when they want your attention and their side-eyes of disdain when they don't. They sleep all day in the most random places only to wake you with their thunderpaws romping through the house at 2:00 a.m., and they flat-out refuse to acknowledge your existence in public.

Cats may not speak English—or any human language, for that matter—but what if they could? British comedian Jake Lambert shared a viral cat-to-English translation video imagining what they'd say, and it's hilariously spot on.

“I have no idea why we are still having this argument.”

Yes, we’ve come a long way regarding gender equality. But if there’s any proof that we’ve still got a long way to go, look no further than the attitudes many still have when it comes to parenting roles.

Many still consider a father as “helping out” with a mom’s inherent responsibility when he participates in taking care of children, rather than simply being an equally contributing partner. And if mom is not working, the nuclear family ideal is even more persistent…as it is assumed she is the sole caretaker of the kids with no job to distract her.