Investing in alternative assets is complex. Hedonova simplifies this by offering access to a diverse portfolio, including startups, real estate, wine, art and more. Since late 2019, it has outperformed the S&P 500 by 200%+. The SEC-regulated fund won the best multi-strategy hedge fund award in 2023.

She says it has been a game changer.

Though motherhood has long involved the intangible, yet nonetheless taxing responsibilities of managing a household, we’ve only had the term “invisible labor” to actually define this experience for thirty some odd years.

And if the conversation of invisible labor is still fairly new in the world of adults, how can they teach kids to be cognizant of it?

Sam Kelly, therapist and mom of three, has a pretty cool solution to this, and it starts by tweaking the traditional chore list.

Paralyzed after a polio infection as a child, Paul Alexander was still able to visit the beach, fly on an airplane, and graduate from law school.

It’s a sight we don’t normally see these days: A man lying prone in a big, metal tube with his head sticking out of one end. But it wasn’t so long ago that this sight was unfortunately much more common.

In the first half of the 20th century, tens of thousands of people each year were infected by polio—a highly contagious virus that attacks nerves in the spinal cord and brainstem. Many people survived polio, but a small percentage of people who did were left permanently paralyzed from the virus, requiring support to help them breathe. This support, known as an “iron lung,” manually pulled oxygen in and out of a person’s lungs by changing the pressure inside the machine.

"Her very next match, she went to work."

Playing a sport can be tough no matter what age you are. You learn what it feels like to work hard and lose anyway, but you also get to experience seeing all your hard work pay off when you win. But no matter what sport is played, enjoying the process can make the experience worthwhile even when the outcome doesn't go in your favor.

Dominic Barry is teaching his daughter how to appreciate all aspects of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), recently uploading a video of the young girl learning to refocus after losing several grappling matches. Barry explains that his daughter, who appears to be around 5-years-old was placed with all boys, in a weight class and experience level higher for a recent competition.

You should know what kind of job you're applying for.

Job hunting isn't something that most people enjoy, especially if they're trying to get out of a toxic work environment. When people are trying to move up the ladder, or simply want to be paid what they're worth. They relay on the salary ranges provided by companies to gauge what salary to request.

Clear salary ranges also allow people to know if the job is worth applying and interviewing for. If the budgeted range is well below what the candidate's current salary, then transparency around the salary gives people a chance to make an informed decision. Jess Goodwin, who, according to her Threads bio is "perpetually looking for work," shared her frustration on the app about companies not including their salary ranges on job listings.