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"It's important for me for my photography to make people smile."

Chris Porsz was tired of studying sociology.

As a university student in the 1970s, he found the talk of economics and statistics completely mind-numbing. So instead, he says, he roamed the streets of his hometown of Peterborough, England, with a camera in hand, snapping pictures of the people he met and listening to their stories. To him, it was a far better way to understand the world.

He always looked for the most eccentric people he could find, anyone who stood out from the crowd. Sometimes he'd snap a single picture of that person and walk away. Other times he'd have lengthy conversations with these strangers.

But eventually, life moved on and so did he. He fell out of love with photography. "Those pictures collected dust for 25 years," he says.

"Every day somebody comes on and says, 'you look like Marjorie Taylor Greene,' which I can see. I do see it."

It was the alliteration heard around the world. During a recent hearing House of Representative members got into a bit of a verbal scuffle after Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) made a catty comment about Representative Jasmine Crockett (D-TX).

This comment prompted Crockett to call for a point of order to ask a hypothetical question about House decorum. "I'm just curious, to better understand your ruling. If someone on this committee then starts talking about someone's bleach blonde bad built butch body, that would not be engaging in personalities, correct?"

Yikes. Shots fired, and some poor teacher who goes by Educator Andrea on TikTok is catching the strays thanks to her resemblance to the controversial congresswoman. But don't worry, Andrea's taking it in stride by shooting her shot to get her chance at a SNL skit leaning into the impressive alliteration Crockett let fly during the House Oversight Hearing.

"This may not be for the faint of heart."

Summer is just around the corner, that means it's time to break out those razors and put on some shorts. That means retailers are starting to advertise their their summer collections to prime people for the newest trends. But there are some trends that may need to be retired before they catch on if you take the reviews of women online.

Free People, a specialty lifestyle brand for bohemian styled fashion, have released a new style of shorts. The internet seems to be slightly confused on if the material they received from the retail brand is supposed to be shorts or something else entirely. They're supposedly shorts, but they're "micro shorts," which are similar to shorts you'd see in the wild.

"These past seven weeks really opened up my eyes on how the household has actually ran, and 110% of that is because of my wife."

Participating in paternity leave offers fathers so much more than an opportunity to bond with their new kids. It also allows them to help around the house and take on domestic responsibilities that many new mothers have to face alone…while also tending to a newborn.

All in all, it enables couples to handle the daunting new chapter as a team, making it less stressful on both parties. Or at least equally stressful on both parties. Democracy!

TikTok creator and dad Caleb Remington, from the popular account @ustheremingtons, confesses that for baby number one, he wasn’t able to take a “single day of paternity leave.”

This time around, for baby number two, Remington had the privilege of taking seven weeks off (to be clear—his employer offered four weeks, and he used an additional three weeks of PTO).

The time off changed Remington’s entire outlook on parenting, and his insights are something all parents could probably use.