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“What you’re doing matters immensely.”

Stay-at-home moms work round the clock performing myriad duties, both physically and emotionally demanding, all for zero compensation. But even more dismaying than the lack of monetary gain is the lack of recognition these full-time moms get for what they accomplish day in and day out.

That’s where Donald Schaefer comes in.

Schaefer, a man who seems to be upwards of 80 and living in Florida, is a bit of an unexpected influencer in the mom corner of social media. But nonetheless, his Instagram and TikTok are full of videos meant to offer financial tips, recipe ideas and emotional support specifically for this demographic.

One video in particular is making stay-at-home moms, aka SAHMs, feel so seen.

It really is a multi-purpose word…but don't use it, kids.

Every parent, at some point, has to explain to their kids that some words are only to be used in specific situations, among certain company, under just the right circumstances. Since young kids don't have their powers of discernment honed yet, it's often easier to simply tell kids not to use certain words, like the mother of all profanities, the f-bomb.

Eventually, those kids will learn that adults don't always have their sense of discernment honed either, and that swearing is often done haphazardly and without a lot of conscious thought. Perhaps that's how the f-word ended up with so many meanings and usages, a reality hilariously brought to light in a "Father-Daughter Swearing Lesson" skit from The New Yorker.

Saying her new name makes you sound like Elmer Fudd.

Studies show that in opposite-sex couples, fewer younger women are choosing to take their husbands’ last names. According to Pew Research, 20% of women ages 18 to 49 say they kept their last name, compared with 9% of those ages 50 and older.

A TikTok user named Angie proposed a new approach to married names in a world where men and women are becoming more equal. She suggests that couples choose the “cooler” name.

A user named Kristen responded with a unique dilemma. She’s getting married next year and although her husband’s name is cooler, it doesn’t work with her first name.

The art history behind this pasta label is jarring.

Lately, art history majors have become something of a pop culture punching bag. Not only has the phrase become short-hand for "unemployable in today's economy," they've also been ridiculed by President Barack Obama on national television.

But will the gentle art of aesthetic study finally get the last laugh?

Middle Earth Organics is known for their organic pasta sauces, each label featuring a famous Italian painting.

While this would normally be an NBD, the painting they chose for their tomato and porcini mushroom sauce has been stirring up controversy online.