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The bickering and jealousy became overwhelming.

The number of teens and tweens who have smartphones is on the rise and we’re starting to see the effects that “great rewiring” has on them. Recent research shows that smartphones can have a very negative effect on girls’ mental health.

After giving her 11-year-old a smartphone about a year ago, Kailey Wood, known as The_GeriatricMillenial on TikTok, deactivated it because she’s seen “firsthand just how detrimental" they are. "So much so that last night, I finally said, 'I'm done with this,' and I deactivated my 11-year-old's phone," she says in a TikTok video. "And I don't know when I'm gonna give it back."

There's no mistaking where these tweens are from when you hear them rap.

What do you get when you combine an infectious beat, an empowering message and a bunch of energetic tweens with delightfully thick Irish accents?

You get "The Spark," this summer's bangin' anthem that people around the world can't stop playing.

The young rappers from Cork and Lisdoonvarna—cities on opposite coasts of Ireland—came together to create this absolute banger for Cruinniú na nÓg, a national day of celebrating youth creativity in Ireland, which takes place on June 15.

The '70s legends were inspired by the greatest band of the '60s.

By 1973, the Bee Gees’ career had hit a low. After a series of hits in the late 1960s and early 1970s, including "To Love Somebody," "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart," and "I Started a Joke," the band was in a rut.

Their latest album, “Life in a Tin Can,” and single “Saw a New Morning" sold poorly, and the band’s popularity declined.

On April 6, 1973, the Gibb brothers (Barry, Robin and Maurice) appeared on “The Midnight Special,” a late-night TV show that aired on Saturday mornings at 1 a.m. after “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.” Given the lukewarm reception to their recent releases, the Bee Gees decided to change things up and play a medley of hits from their idols, The Beatles, who had broken up 3 years before.

The performance, which featured 5 of the Fab Four’s early hits, including “If I Fell,” “I Need You,” “I'll Be Back,” “This Boy,” and “She Loves You,” was a stripped-down, acoustic performance that highlighted the Bee Gees' trademark harmonies.

"Honestly don't know how to earn that 5th star."

Sometimes there is just no pleasing people. It seems like no matter what you do short of become a literal unicorn that hands out bags of money, some people will find a way to fault you. This sort of disgruntled behavior is generally experienced by people in the service industry, particularly retail. But it turns out medical staff are not above reproach when it comes to the hard to please customer.

Dr. Mark Lewis, a gastrointestinal oncologist went viral recently for a review of his services he shared on X went viral. The review is glowing...sort of. It simply reads "Dr Lewis saved my life," complete with an exclamation point to drive home their excitement. But the amazing news was attached to a four star review.