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Sometimes, big wisdom comes in small packages.

The ability to communicate big ideas simply, reveals the level of understanding one has on a subject. Albert Einstein once said, “If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

In an attempt to collect some of the pithiest bits of wisdom known to humankind, a Reddit user named Upset-Document-8399 posed a big question to the AskReddit forum: “Wise people of Reddit, what's a one-liner pearl of wisdom you know?”

The Redditors shared a lot of real wisdom on everything from infatuation to tattoos. So we took 22 of the most profound (and short) pearls and listed them by topic.

You feel like you should understand him but can't.

For English speakers, it can feel impossible to conceive of what the language sounds like to those who don’t speak it. So, to give people an idea of how it’s heard by foreign ears, LanguageSimp, a hyperpolyglot, created a video on TikTok to simulate the experience of what English sounds like to non-speakers.

(A hyperpolyglot is someone who speaks multiple languages.)

The fake Ensligh spoken by LangugeSimp comprises a few English words in non-sensical patterns mixed with familiar sounds that are commonly heard in the language. The strange version of English being spoken sounds a lot like Simlish, the language used by characters in The Sims franchise.

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This is brilliant.

While Uber and Lyft have both implemented various safety features, including background checks for drivers, the option to share your ride details and real-time location with someone and matching women drivers with women riders, sometimes you still might not feel 100% safe. Whatever the reason, one man has a resource that can put your mind at ease if you're in a car and alarm bells start going off in your head.

Actor Joshua Summerfield shared a video to Instagram that says, "Ladies: Use this sound when you feel unsafe in an Uber, Lyft or taxi." It begins with a ringtone (as if you're calling someone on speaker) and then his voice "picks up," saying "Hey babe, what's up."

The biggest surprise is how inexpensive it is.

When I say “picture a birthing clinic,” you’re likely to imagine all white rooms and hospital beds…not luxury suites and spa vibes.

But the latter was what Nicole Patrice, who had moved to Japan from Kentucky and underwent a c-section at the Nagoya Birth Clinic, where her husband purchased a 5-day stay in the “precious suite” as a Christmas gift.

Her tour of the facility and all its next level amenities—not to mention its price—left viewers in shock.