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"They have discovered they love radishes, bell peppers, salami, cheeses, spicy things, sour things…"

One of the responsibilities of parenting is making sure our kids are fed nutritious foods. Unfortunately, our kids are not always on board with that idea.

Children's finickiness ranges anywhere from will-eat-anything to will-only-eat-chicken-nuggets and everything in between. Picky eating poses a challenge for parents who want their kids to have balanced, nutritional diet, and all too often it turns into a battle of wills. Unfortunately, food battles can create negative associations with eating and mealtimes, which nobody wants. We do want our kids to try new foods and to learn to enjoy healthy eating, however. So how do we do that?

"You do the frog thing when in the science classroom?"

If you're American that has ever attended high school in any state in the country, you know that most high schools are eerily the same. They have the same groups, similar subjects and can pretty much be plopped into the middle of a movie about high schoolers without having to change much of anything. It doesn't even matter what decade you attended high school.

In every hall way you'll find the jocks, theater kids, preps, the outsiders and everyone who doesn't fit into any of those groups. Sarah, half of the duo Carlo and Sarah, posted her husband's reaction to seeing her old high school. Carlo is Italian and completed his high school career there but judging by his reaction to seeing Sarah's alma mater, Italian schools are very different than the schools people are used to in the states.

What's the most important part of your diet?

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He was stuck in America for his grandmother's funeral so his friends brought New Zealand to the states.

It's not easy living away from family, especially when you live in a completely different country. The distance can become increasingly more difficult to adjust to when tragedy strikes your family back home. It can be cost prohibitive to fly back home and depending on your employer's attendance policy, it may be nearly impossible.

Jarom Ngakuru recently faced this very situation. The New Zealander of Māori descent is living in the United States while his family still resides in his home country. Unfortunately, when Ngakuru's grandmother died, he was unable to make the trip back to the island to give his proper goodbye.

"I was on Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom when in the distance, we could see one of the Space Shuttles being launched into the Sky."

For people from foreign countries, visiting America can feel like stepping into a movie. Many people across the world have grown up with American movies, TV shows, music, and even products, creating a kind of proxy culture through which they experience a slice of American life.

That’s why when they visit America for the first time, it can be a surreal experience. Everyday scenes that Americans take for granted—such as the sight of a classic yellow school bus, a waitress who calls you “Honey,” or a game of beer pong with red Solo cups—can feel like a moment straight out of a Hollywood script.