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"My god, what has happened to me?"

Aging is a funny thing. You start off young and excited and eager to get older, and then at some point you reach a point where getting older becomes less fun and more…achy.

Your 40s is generally when you start to feel aging hit in random ways. Healthy living can help fend off a lot of aging woes, but not everything. And it's not even just bodily aging that manifests in your 40s. It's things like needing to sleeping less, realizing exactly how dumb you were in your 20s and developing a sudden, inexplicable fascination with birdwatching.

Did you know this?

Have you ever seen anyone put an avocado pit in water to grow an avocado tree? I've seen lots of people try, but only a few succeed. My mom has a tiny avocado tree growing in her living room that she managed to grow from the pit of a Hass avocado she ate. It's small but thriving, and I've often wondered if it will ever grow actual avocados.

As it turns out, it could—but they won't be Hass avocados.

Life moves pretty fast.

There's not one book or experienced parent that will tell you that parenting is easy. In fact, you'll likely find people either dancing around how hard it can be or simply being brutally honest about the struggles that come with trying to raise tiny humans. It's a noble job that is not for those with a weak constitution...or emotional state.

There are days when you may find yourself so sleep deprived that you cry right along with your baby, hoping against hope that an adultier adult comes to rescue you. Alas, you are the adult, unless you're a teenager who is stuck caring for a plastic baby for your early childhood class.

People who fail are more likely to die in six years.

Everyone wants to know how long they will live and there are many indicators that can show whether someone is thriving or on the decline. But people have yet to develop a magic formula to determine exactly how long someone should expect to live.

However, a doctor recently featured on the "Today" show says a straightforward test can reveal the likelihood that someone aged 51 to 80 will die in the near future.