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Everybody gets a house!

Tiny houses are still a popular choice for people trying to downsize but tiny houses for cats are springing up in one man's backyard. Barna, thought he was doing a good deed for a stray cat that decided that he kinda liked hanging out in this human's backyard. The cat would show up but at first wouldn't eat the food set out for him, that didn't stop Barna.

The man continued to set food out for the cat. Taking note of the changing weather, Barna decided to take one of his hobbies and build the cat, now named Domino a cozy little house. Building things is a hobby for the man, so he made sure to equip Domino's tiny abode with a heating pad, light and camera.

Before too long the situation turned into a version of the famous children's book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Another cat showed up, because of course Domino had a bestie but it didn't stop there.

He's a grown man, after all.

Paige Connell is a working mom of four and a popular social media personality who discusses moms' mental load and advocates for equality in relationships. Recently, she struck a nerve on TikTok with a video where she admitted she doesn’t do her husband’s laundry and said it “brings out big feelings in people.”

Paige says she isn’t being petty. It’s “just how it functions” in her home.

She took things a step further in a follow-up video, listing all of the things that she doesn’t do for her husband. "You all know I don't do his laundry," she said in the video. "He can do that himself."

"I know his retribution will be swift and terrible, but no Christmas gift could be greater than this."

Ethan Chu is a film student at Chapman University whose multicultural background has ignited a passion to help tell underrepresented stories within his community. 

As a winner of the 2024 Live Más Scholarship from the Taco Bell Foundation, he hopes his continued education in filmmaking will allow him to share transformative stories through authentic storytelling with the world.

The Live Más Scholarship gives young people like Ethan the opportunity to accomplish their dreams. Learn more about the Live Más Scholarship program:

People laughed every time she told him 'hands off,' but she was stone cold serious.

According to her daughter, Lucille Ball never considered herself a feminist, but there's no question she blazed many a trail for women. A working mother in real life, she depicted issues facing housewives with her brilliant television comedy and became the first female studio head in Hollywood.

She broke glass ceilings but wasn't particularly outspoken about women's rights. In fact, in a 1980 interview with "People," she said, “They can use my name for equal rights, but I don’t get out there and raise hell because I’ve been so liberated, I have nothing to squawk about.”

A video has been circulating on social media showing Ball's no-nonsense way of speaking up when she felt the need to, and people are gushing over it.

In 1978, Ball participated in a Q & A session with UCLA theater arts students on the television program "America Alive!" The viral clip shows Ball repeatedly telling one of the hosts, David Sheehan, to take his hands off of female audience members when they were asking a question.