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  • How often should you shower? Doctors weigh in and rock some people's worlds.

How often should you shower? Doctors weigh in and rock some people's worlds.

Once a day is not ideal.

A few times in recent years, celebrities and social media influencers alike have made waves by sharing that they don't make their kids bathe every day. For some parents, that was totally par for the course, but for others, letting a child go more than a day without bathing was seen as a travesty.

Doctors have made it clear that kids don't need to bathe daily, with some going so far as to recommend against it when they are young to protect kids' delicate skin.

But what about grownups? Most of us don't take baths regularly as adults, but what's the ideal frequency for showering?

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Sometimes, the small things make all the difference.

A Japanese concept known as kaizen is based on making small, continuous improvements daily that eventually result in tremendous growth. The basic idea is that tiny changes can amount to big ones over time.

It’s an interesting concept to put into practice because it’s a lot less overwhelming to make small changes each day than trying to move mountains overnight. Plus, it’s probably easier to stay disciplined.

Blogger David Cain, creator of Raptitude, made three small changes in his life and says they’ve improved his overall sense of well-being by 20%. He admits that it only took about 2% more effort to get results that were 10 times greater.

"This cow definitely has a sense of comedic timing."

There’s always that one wedding guest, isn’t there?

For Amy and Harry, their problematic wedding guest wasn’t even technically invited…or human.

As seen in a hilarious now-viral video posted to Instagram by Something Borrowed Films, Amy and Harry’s wedding photographer, the bride and groom stand before the officiant, surrounded by loved ones and the picturesque green fields of their outdoor ceremony venue.

All seems straight out of a fairytale as the officiant begins to ask if anyone has any objections to the partnership. When out of nowhere, a loud “MOOOOOOOOOOO” rings through the air.